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Slab leaks can happen in ones property for a number of reasons. For instance, if the soil around ones home is composed of clay, it could be vulnerable to moisture differences. As soon as water is put in, the clay will expand and push up. This results in pressure to foundations from below. Through time, the slab and flooring can push upwards triggering water pipes in the slab to break. When that happens, water may well flood ones floor, ruining ones home furnishings. Also sewer lines can also be impacted by the slab leak, which is an even bigger plumbing situation to be in.

Another explanation just how a slab leak may develop is through plumbing pipe aging. In houses in which copper pipes had been originally used, and along with the quality of the property’s water, pipe breakdown can happen at some point. Pinhole leaks can form. The seeping water will flow to the surface through the slab.

Indicators of Having a Slab Leak

Get in touch with My Texas Home Services if any one of these are taking place with your house’s slab.

Floors are constantly moist
Water bill costs have been increasing
The sound of water is often heard but plumbing fixtures aren’t being utilized
New cracks in the foundation
Lawn or vegetation close to the foundation grows unevenly
Portions of the slab floor are warmer compared to others
Lower water pressure
Smells are originating out of the floor or walls

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The prcess of detection for a plumbing slab leak for repair

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